Pedestrian Crossings Detection by using Driving Assistance Systems

Takialddin Al Smadi


This paper mainly studies Driving Assistance Systems and Detection Pedestrian Crossings of traffic and control, many years around the world and company studies have been conducted on intelligent transport systems (ITS). Intelligent vehicle, (IV) the system is part of a system which is designed to assist drivers in the perception of any dangerous situations before, to avoid accidents after sensing and understanding the environment around it.  Methodology: we made an analysis of the peculiarities of the task of surveillance for pedestrian crossings and presented a detection system which these features into account. The system consists of a detector based on histograms of oriented gradients, and activity detector. The proposed Results tested detection precision and performance of the proposed system. The motion of the work is to combine the proposed system and the tracker. The results show that an adequate application of the quality and performance of the developed algorithm of detection of objects of interest in the work.


object detection, activity detector, monitoring surveillance, computer vision

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