A Study of a various Acoustic Beamforming Techniques Using a Microphone Array

Ahmed Abdalla, Suhad Mohammed, Abdelazeim Abdalla, Tang Bin, Mohammed Ramadan


In this paper, A study of numerous acoustic beamforming algorithms is carried out. Beamforming algorithms are techniques utilize to determine the Direction of arrival of (DOA) the speech signals while suppress out the corresponding noises and interferences. The simple delay and sum beamformer technique which use the constrained least mean squares (LMS) filter for spatial filtering is firstly investigated. Secondly, a constrained least mean square algorithm (also known as Frost Beamformer) is considered. The beamformer algorithms are simulated in MATLAB and therefore, the simulation results indicate that there a significant enhancement in the Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SNR) for frost beamformer as compared to the simple delay and sum beamformer.


microphones linear array; Frost Beamformer; delay and sum beamformer; speech signal

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