An Efficient Transmission of Image over SC-FDMA System in The Presence of CFO

Khaled Abdullah Al Soufy


The image transmission over wireless communication system requires high reliability of the received signal with high data rate during the transmission. This paper investigates and analyzes the impacts of CFOs on wireless image transmission when SC-FDMA system is used with different subcarriers mapping schemes, and different channel models as well as different CFO compensation schemes. Mean Square Error (MSE) and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) are the two performance metrics that are used for evaluating the quality of the received images. The simulation results show that CFOs disturb the orthogonally among the subcarriers in SC-FDMA systems and degrade PSNR and MSE performances of the SC-FDMA system. Furthermore, the simulation results bring out the effectiveness of the suggested compensation scheme to remove the impact of CFOs and enhance the clarity of the received image. The results also show that SC-FDMA system provides better performance when the Localized subcarrier and MMSE compensation schemes are used.

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