Photovoltaic Energy: Research, Training and Development of Rural Areas in Eastern of Morocco



The work presented in this paper comes within the framework of a university partnership and socio-economic sectors HAE Association and National Initiative for Human Development (NIHD) established by the Moroccan government for the development of rural communities whose their resources are limited. The main objective is on the one hand, the promotion of renewable energy photovoltaic, and on the other hand, the opening of the university on the socio-economic environment, which aims to improve the population life conditions of isolated zones through the installation of photovoltaic plants (PV). In fact, in this article we contribute in improving the functioning of PV installations. This is by the insurance of better adaptation of the PV generator to the load (batteries ...) regardless sudden changes of weather conditions and with a proposed MPPT control, in order to decrease losses and reduce operating costs


Photovoltaic energy; lighting homes; water pumping; Boost converter; MPPT controller; Batteries;

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