Promoting use of Solar energy using Smart Meter

Anant Gupta, Imran Tasgavkar, Pranav Murali, Utsav Jain, Gresha Bhatia


Energy has become a detrimental factor for survival and progress of anthropology. For the past decade, we have become totally dependent on  unlimited and continuous supply of  electrical energy. However, the generation of such huge amount of electrical energy is done from nonrenewable sources of energy like coal, oil gas etc. This way of producing electricity involves heavy consumption of non-conventional sources of energy and has given rise to the ominous problem of global warming. Thus, energy conservation has become an important concern all over the world. Switching to the use of renewable sources like solar, wind and hydro energy  has become a recent trend. This is the reason why our project, aims to maximise the use of solar energy by analyzing the present system such that it can be beneficial for the economy of our country. The analysing process is done using the smart meter, which captures the readings on an hourly basis.

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