MackDroid - An Android based Application to monitor devices

Maaz Sirkhot, Ekta Sirwani, Aishwarya Kourani, Akshit Batheja, Kajal Jethanand Jewani


In this technological world, smartphones can be considered as one of the most far-reaching inventions. It plays a vital role in connecting people socially. The number of mobile users using an Android based smartphone has increased rapidly since last few years resulting in organizations, cyber cell departments, government authorities feeling the need to monitor the activities on certain targeted devices in order to maintain proper functionality of their respective jobs. Also with the advent of smartphones, Android became one of the most popular and widely used Operating System. Its highlighting features are that it is user friendly, smartly designed, flexible, highly customizable and supports latest technologies like IoT. One of the features that makes it exclusive is that it is based on Linux and is Open Source for all the developers. This is the reason why our project Mackdroid is an Android based application that collects data from the remote device, stores it and displays on a PHP based web page. It is primarily a monitoring service that analyzes the contents and distributes it in various categories like Call Logs, Chats, Key logs, etc. Our project aims at developing an Android application that can be used to track, monitor, store and grab data from the device and store it on a server which can be accessed by the handler of the application.


Malware; Android; Hacking; Monitoring; data; cybersecurity; surveillance; security; Virus; trojan; spyware;

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