Techniques for Throughput Enhancement in Wireless Networks

Abubakar Muhammad Miyim


In wireless systems, unnecessary signal degradation are caused by spurious timeouts from highly variable round-trip times (RTTs) for transmission control protocol (TCP). This paper proposes two methods of improving TCP throughput in wireless networks. Selecting a threshold higher than standard for retransmission timeout (RTO) and use of select-N-repeat (SNR) and trace-N-retransmit (TNR) as retransmission policies upon packet timeout are the two techniques adopted in this study. Simulations reveals that the former method helps reduce timeouts and provides relative throughput gain in a simulated network environment. However in the later method, TNR was found to improve throughput gain by about 8% over the SNR policy when packets at the receiver end arrive out-of-order.


Throughput, Performance, Timeout, TCP, wireless networks

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